Being lazy

Often I catch myself doing things out of laziness. This mostly revolves around CSS. For some reason, once I started using LESS/SCSS, I stopped thinking about the type of structure of the page that I was styling. In theory, both languages make it SUPER simple to add some random ancestor element in my structure anywhere I need it. Plop in a new class, and voila: instant gratification!

Though for some reason, my brain likes to get hung up on, of all things, the name of the new class. I’ll sit there and stare at my stylesheets and DOM tree while internally monologuing: “Hmmm, I need a new element, but what name should I give it….” like it even matters.

Hell, it doesn’t matter! And god forbid I pick something that conflicts with whatever my scaffolding framework du jour uses. Then it’s off to the style reset races, because 9 times in 10 it doesn’t have anything to do with the scaffolding, and really I should just pick a new name. But no. I thought about that name. I thought about it long and hard and dammit if I’ll change it to something else at this point.

I catch myself in behaviors like this and feel incredibly sorry for my fiancée, who has now put up with my day-to-day shit for over 9 years now.