Life is full of surprises - good, bad, and otherwise. Sometimes things need to change. Such as this blog. I don't really use it for too much, other than to put the occasional random little bit of personal discovery out there for the world to quietly stumble over some time later on.

As such, I am realizing that I didn't really like my old blogging platform. I had chosen it because

  • it was easy to install with my free hosting
  • I didn't need to research anything

This was a calculated gamble, as my host had an older version of PHP, necessitating the use of an old version of the blog software. I was really banking that nobody would ever find my silly little blog and pwn the site with some kind of awful drive-by malware. After all, everyone loves owning a domain known for drive-by malware attacks.

I've chosen to migrate my posts and the few (and very useful comments) over to Ghost. Not really a huge indication of support for the software, but I enjoy the process of running & working on nodejs MUCH better than PHP any more. Especially since it was an utter snap to set up a really speedy hosting plan over on DigitalOcean.

So really, change is nothing to be scared of.