Dungeon World recap 2016-05-18

Our intrepid adventurers are off to an auspicious start in the world of... Dungeon World! Our myriad crew of misfit and dysfunctional adventurers set off on a journey of almost certain death to find... well to find something. Along the way though they seem to have burned several orc villages and snapped the necks of some of their inhabitants.

Good job heroes.

Today's Roster:

  • Dorrance: the human fighter with fists the size of meat cleavers
  • Eoghan: the elven ranger with a pet wolf
  • Garamond: the vain human paladin in perfectly sparkling armor
  • Gnur: the halfling barbarian with an incredibly annoying battle cry
  • Gent: the human wizard who is terrible at magic
  • Serym: the humanish druid from the northern lands
  • Shank: the human thief who will probably stab a mans or something
  • Zodias: the salamander immolator, seeking to destroy his murderous mother

The plot thus far

Our adventurers found themselves surrounded by an actual horde of rather angry orcs in the middle of the night. Their grunting leader, Samuel Redcap, speaks exclusively through his miniature crony, and clearly is none too pleased with some of the prior actions of these adventurers. Execution is quickly called for, which despite some last-ditch negotiation by Serym, escalated into all out conflict when Zodias conjures a giant flaming axe.

Push comes to shove, which leads to stabbing, punching, magical bumbling, and eventually the halfing gets tossed at Redcap. Unfortunately for Redcap, the halfling's garden trowel of death managed to separate his head from the rest of his body. In the momentary amazement of many of the orcs, the crony makes a break for the woods followed by some members of the party.

Eoghan [pronounced EY-oh-win, just likes it's written] sics his companion wolf, Cana, on the minion, as Serym soars above the battlefield in the form of a snow owl [which happens to have perfectly conditioned white hair]. From this vantage point, Serym is the only adventurer able to clearly see the 15 foot tall giant orc barreling into the fray. However the rest of the adventurers are quickly alerted to his presence when the ground starts shaking.

The new combatant quickly has his loin cloth set aflame when Zodias bends the flames of the bonfire to his will and directs them right into the giant orc's crotch. Sensing an opportunity as the giant orc falls over, pinning Garamond thoroughly to the ground, bloodthirsty Gnur tries to take a chunk out of this orc's neck as well. Unfortunately the only combatant large enough to do anything about this orc would be a polar bear [also with perfectly conditioned white hair] - which conveniently plummets down out of the air as Serym changes forms and plunges his claws into the massive foe's neck.

Eoghan's wolf, Cana, receives a nasty shock from the orcling underling and falls to the ground. A quick tackle from Eoghan and a blade to the neck elicits a call for "ceasefire" from the lackey, who is now by default apparently the leader of the assembled angry mob.