Dungeon World Potions

We dreamed up some interesting potions to use in our game. You're free to use them as well.

Luck Potion - Gives you +1 forward on any roll, contains 3 doses. Consuming more than 1 dose before sleeping will cause a Magical Malady.

Spectre's Touch - you feel the weight of reality lift, your physical form bleeding through the cracks in the world. You are able make sound and phase through objects but cannot interact with anything. When you drink this potion, roll +CON. On a 10+, hold 3; On a 7-9, hold 2; On a 6-, hold 1 and suffer the attentions of a minor poltergeist for a day or two. At any time you may spend all your hold and revert to your natural form. Spend hold 1 for 1 to:

  • Exert a small amount of your usual physical influence on the world by moving a small object
  • Bear the silence of the grave. You make no noise and cannot be heard.
  • Shirk off the chains of gravity to fly where you will.

Invisibility Potion - You vanish from sight, though some with magical sight may still be able to perceive you. You still exist on this plane and may interact with objects, however objects you were not wearing or holding while consuming this potion are not affected. You may end this effect at will, making an attack, or upon losing consciousness.

Gusty Draught - You retain your form but can now move like the wind, allowing you to fluidly move around and through small spaces. Gain 5 hold, and use one hold for each unnaturally fluid movement you make.

Aqua Fantastique - a universal magical solvent, any magical substance this liquid comes into contact with will be dispersed back into the magical fabric of the world, consuming the liquid and substance in equal measure and dispersing as a pine-scented mist of magical energy.

Conspiracist's Quaff - allows you to perceive the machinations of the world around you; until you sleep off the effects of this potion you may ask one additional question from the Discern Realities list, however you may discern a false answer to one of your questions on rolls of 9 or less.

Potion of Featherfall - Reduces your weight to that of a feather, allowing you to jump and glide longer distances or land softly without a sound after falling. Lasts for one fall or jump.

Luminous Lacquer - glows when exposed to air; leaves an oily coating on an object when applied, and lasts until scrubbed off.

Enchanted Expunge - frees the consumer from a magical malady, but suppresses any and all magical affinity/capability/effects on them for an hour after consumption; suppresses any trace of the consumer's magical capability from outside observers.

Liquid Lunch - sustains your body in lieu of actual food, but is unable to stop your stomach from growling.

Duhoff's Elemental Affinity - When you consume this potion, choose one of the 4 classical elements. Describe the nature of this element to the other players. Hold 3 and spend it, 1 for 1, to choose an option:

  • Gain for yourself some aspect of the nature of your chosen element
  • Choose another element and description

Silver Frost - When carefully applied to a weapon or arrow, this mercurial potion will affect the first enemy struck, freezing the afflicted body part solid. Gives your weapon the dangerous tag, even if you are otherwise proficient. DO NOT INGEST. DO NOT APPLY TO SKIN.

Golden Snitch - This golden metallic liquid renders its consumer unable to lie. May be less effective on those who are used to twisting truths to their own gain.

Purple Haze - When this flask is smashed, a purple fog covers a 15ft diameter dome at that location making it difficult to see or breathe. Any creature caught within the fog fights at a -1 disadvantage. HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. DO NOT INGEST.

Alchemical Amplification - Allows you to raise your voice to a cacophonous volume for a minute or two, easily deafening those in closed spaces or near you. Afterwards you are unable to speak until you can rest and get something hot to drink.

Potion Interactions

Magical Malady - When you consume a potion while under the effects of another potion, you may end up suffering from a weird interaction. To determine your malady, roll 1d8 for each column in the table. Your malady will trigger when you perform the associated move.

2flamboyantflatulenceSpout Lore
3inappropriatemusculatureDiscern Realities
6embarrassinggrowthsDefy Danger
7uncontrollablemigrainesHack & Slash