A story of four perspectives

This week, our would-be heroes are still struggling with the onset of winter in the harsh northern territories where the city of Redrock seemingly sprang into existence.

Today’s cast:

  • Gnur - the halfling barbarian, who got reverse robbed & told to put on pants
  • Nir - the human water adept, whose civic works projects never go unpunished
  • Garamond - the human paladin, who dared to have earthly attachments
  • Gent - the human wizard, who tends toward being more harm than help
  • Bernard - the halfling thief, who wants nothing more than to have his fashionable necklace removed

Bernard’s Story

Bernard had infiltrated the camp of the Gilded Wing forces outside of Redrock in a manner of speaking. He was currently flattened down to the top of a covered wagon that was bringing supplies in for the entire camp, however his window of opportunity to get further into the camp undetected was rapidly closing. As the caravan came to a rest in front of the mess tent, Bernard knew he had to get away before workers and slaves came to unload supplies and reveal his presence to everyone around. He took a chance and slipped off the wagon and over into a cluster of tents.

He stood still and silently next to a small, single-person tent listening for any sign of life nearby. The quiet sound of a page being flipped alerted Bernard to someone’s presence inside of the tent he was presently using as cover. In an attempt to draw out the occupant and hopefully slip away unnoticed, the rogue scratched at the closed back of the stranger’s tent. As the book closed and the man emerged, Bernard tried to hide opposite of the tall Gilded Wing soldier. The man was a bit irritated at having yet another prank being played on him and advanced toward the rear of his tent, allowing the small halfling to slip inside.

Bernard took his chance to lace the man’s dinner with a poison that would hopefully trick him into being the little thief’s ally, however the man clearly knew that someone else was inside of his tent. After being called out, Bernard tried to pass off his intrusion as a simple misunderstanding, however the soldier wasn’t having any of that. The nimble fingers of the halfling brandished his knife and lunged at the human, however the man moved with an uncanny speed of his own, knocking Bernard to the ground with a strike to the head. Vision faded to darkness.

When Bernard awoke, he was laying in the middle of his home village. His nomadic tribe had set up somewhere advantageous, and his grandmother and various other matrons of the village were set about a fire, chit-chatting the day away. After receiving the usual kind of abuse a cranky old grandmother halfling may deliver to her grandson after watching him nap in dirt all day long, Bernard decided to try and find his mother and clear up the weird feeling he had about this unexpected situation. He could remember his village being burned to the ground when the Gilded Wing had raided them, but this all seemed so real - the sights, the sounds, the smells…

As he walked into his home, he could smell the delicious scent of the stew that his mom was cooking for that evening’s dinner. Standing there, experiencing this all again called up the trauma of having his entire life destroyed and razed to the ground by the humans operating under the banner of the Gilded Wing. Memories flashed before his eyes, and he ran out of his home. When he opened his eyes, he saw himself standing that same distance away from the tent he had just exited in the Gilded Wing camp. In front of him stood his slave master. The man wound up with the stone club that Bernard needed so desperately and smacked the small halfling, force amplifying and sending his body flying some 30 feet through the air. His body skidded to a half, and Bernard opened his eyes.

Above him, the human from the tent stood with a concerned look in his eyes. He offered a hand to help Bernard to his feet, and apologized for putting the former-slave through such an experience. The mage enquired about the feeling the spell gave its target, stating he had just picked it up from the text he was reading in his tent. Now knowing what Bernard had been put through at the hands of his nation, the mage introduced himself and stated that while he couldn’t explicitly help the halfling steal what he wanted, he could definitely point him in the right direction.

Nir’s Story

Nir battled with this centipede creature, made of unclaimed armor and weaponry that had tarnished with time. As a last ditch effort, he threw his water skein into the air, and manipulated it into a forceful water bolt. The creature was only somewhat taken aback, with various pieces of equipment being sent flying. However, now that the beast was saturated with water, Nir was able to freeze the water that had seeped into its artificial armor plating into a thick layer of ice. The creature shrieked out in the dim light and veered off to the side away from the painful ice that was afflicting it. It paced around in a circle, making horrible noises as it tried to make sense of this pain that was afflicting it.

When Nir realized he had no further resources, he looked around for a large rock and hefted it above his head. The centipede golem heard his footsteps and overcame its agony to lunge after him again. Raising the rock over his head, Nir waited for the creature to get close enough that he could be sure to ruin its day and then smashed the large rock down on what could only be called its head. Waiting for such a perfect opening did have its downsides, as Nir felt a rusty sword stabbed thoroughly through his gut and out his side.

Knowing that he had only a few minutes before his situation went from bad to dire, Nir sought out a small trickle of water that was dribbling down the rocks and was able to collect enough to be useful. The stabbing pain of his wound lessened as he applied the training his harsh master had instilled in him in the years prior. Nir’s friend, the minotaur, soon caught up with him and let him know that the 6 remaining dwarves had been escorted to safety. Worse for the wear and lacking supplies, neither one of them wanted to stick around to see if the wind chime noises off in the darkness were another one of these monsters.

Gnur’s Story

Gnur started out by getting to the monastery and took arms (and legs) against some of the foes that were, seemingly, destroying the place. Being unfamiliar with the situation and not willing to understand, he took matters into his own hands and started conquering his newly found foes. He quickly conquered everyone in the room by getting a leg up on his foes. After dispatching what seemed to be a trivial amount of enemies, he heard a noise from outside of the small building he had hidden inside while murdering a dragon cultist with another’s leg. When he got outside, Gnur watch a small child start to transform into a small black dragon the size of a large horse. Deciding that he had yet to fulfill is appetite for conquering, he ventured outside to dispose of the new challenge. Gnur’s best option was to try to slice the belly of the beast directly down the middle. With his trusty hatchet in hand, he sprinted while bellowing his war cry. After delivering a firm blow to the black drake’s belly, he turned around to see his conquered foe fall. Instead, he watched a single scale fall to the ground. Gnur, who is a man of many talents, none of them being fleeing, thought it was now time to practice his shortcomings and fled.

The Tinker led Gnur to safety further in the monastery courtyard, but the dragon soon approached and it was time to gain an advantage and strategically move away from the dragon. Gnur lept up trying to get into the main building, but the dragon swooped down into the doorway and blocking Gnur’s path to safety. Gnur’s only shot to getting to safety was to quickly find a way into the building. The first thing that caught his tiny eye was a window just off to the side of the dragon. He charged the window, just and the dragon’s scorching breath was tossed in Gnur’s direction. Believing he could make it to safety unscathed, Gnur made a bad judge of distance and lept through the bellowing firestorm, scorching his back while he Jean Claude Van Damned through the window. He was now safe. As safe as a halfling could be while sitting on a trapped door that his wizard friend Gent had left behind. Quickly jumping up to dodge the odd magic, the magic still latched onto him and Gnur’s leg suffered the full blast of the attack. His leg asleep, Gnur was surprised to see that the dragon had made it’s way into the doorway and started snapping at Gnur’s feet. Gnur couldn’t walk, so he popped a handstand and made for the back wall. Turns out, Gnur doesn’t know how to walk on his hands, so he collapsed and the dragon snatched his foot, dragging him out of the building and into the courtyard. The dragon reared back. Gnur was now helpless, fearing death, and believing that he would never escape this Dragon’s grasp he lopped his own leg off below the knee. Falling to the ground, between the dragon’s legs, Gnur saw an opening. Specifically an opening between the dragon scales that had grown down the child’s belly and legs. Gnur leaned forward and swung into the vulnerable flesh, causing the dragon to fall down to one leg. Gnur could feel the thrill of conquest again, he went for the other opening on the second leg. Misjudging his pure mastery over strength, he jumped straight up, through the dragon’s leg, severing it from the body, causing nothing but pure destruction of the dragon. Gnur had won, but not without a cost.

The Tinker made his way over to Gnur and bandaged him up using a hidden potion from his belt. The searing pain enveloped Gnur and he passed out, valiantly. Gnur awoke to see that his leg had scabbed over with a fairly thick amount of flesh. The Tinker let Gnur know that he could help, by possibly giving gnur a new leg. The Tinker walked around picking up legs that had been pull off of Gnur’s foes, as well as Gnur’s leg, and asked which leg Gnur would like attached. He forgot of one very special leg, and Gnur pointed at the dragon’s leg. The Tinker hauled the hefty haunch over to Gnur and began the procedure. Two vials, one that contained a liquor to numb the mind and one to attach the leg, the Tinker guessed and tossed the alcohol to Gnur. Gnur drank the booze, the Tinker poured the other vial on Gnur’s stump, and the halfling again passed out.

Gnur now has a dragon leg. Fight me bro.

Garamond & Gent’s Story

The dragon man stared upward toward the roof above them, seemingly frozen in space. Gent’s spell still held the beast, and Garamond took no time in dispatching the foul foe. His spectral sword glowed with the holy might of Utar, and he knelt before dealing a lethal blow to the transformed cultist. As the sword slipped through the dragonling’s body, a dingy grayness radiated through its body until all of its flesh and scales bore only the color of death.

Gent helped Abbott Geoffrey up off the ground and back toward the center of the room, where Utar’s protection still held some of the flames at bay. The three discussed their next moves, and hesitantly Abbott Geoffrey opened the way downward to the temple which lay beneath the monastery. The darkness enveloped the trio as the magical entry point closed behind them, and Gent used some magic to make the tip of his staff glow enough for them to see in the inky darkness. Due to his previous efforts, he knew that something immensely powerful and evil lay somewhere below, and pressed Garamond’s mentor for information about what they would soon be facing.

The old monk revealed that their order had been charged with protecting the temple which housed a horrible artifact known as “The Heart of Ratu”. A relic of a bygone era, the temple and artifact themselves were both products of the Cimmerian culture that had terrorized much of the land up until their eventual destruction. A growl from the stairs above set the hairs on Gent’s neck on end, and he turned his light toward the new menace - a decayed, dog-like creature with vicious fangs bared. Garamond rushed forward to slice at the creature, only to slash at thin air. Realizing it was some kind of illusion, he lowered the visor of his magic helm and confirmed his suspicion.

A cry went out from Geoffrey as he fell to the stairs, with 4 red dots of blood quickly appearing on the back of his neck. Shocked, Gent swung his stick at the invisible beast and called out for the paladin. Garamond turned swiftly and charged at the invisible thing that had pinned his beloved mentor, crushing it into the side of the stairwell but sending the old man’s tired body down the stairs in the same process. The wizard chased after the man, but found him lying in a quickly growing pool of his blood a few steps further down. Numerous other growls could be heard just beyond the radius of light cast by his staff, and Gent called Garamond to come down quickly.

Garamond tried to heal his master, but sadly the old man was already dead from his fall.