RPG Talk December Contest: Weather

The RPG Talk community's contest for December was to describe a system-agnostic weather phenomenon. My previous month's entry had no randomization to it, so for this contest I decided to introduce roll tables. I also challenged myself to fit the layout comfortably into a tri-fold pamphlet, and I eventually added 2 custom pieces of black & white art I did for the project.

While I didn't win, I am very happy with the work I did on this project. You can download the pdf of "Celestial Rain" here (477.93 kb) if you'd like to take a peek.

The gist of this "weather" (I took liberties interpreting the word) is a semi-regular phenomenon of chunks of interstellar debris crashing into the planet. These showers of debris may just be sand and pebbles or something all the way up to flaming boulders crashing into the planet's surface. I've provided tables for storm probability / type of storm, storm duration, and interesting loot or problems that may have descended with the flaming death.

Feel free to check out the PDF and shoot me an email if you have any questions.

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  • Headings: Destroy
  • Table Headings: Segoe UI
  • Body: Segoe Marker


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