What I do

There’s a chance you might stumble across this and not actually know who I am. I find that unlikely, but here we go anyway…

Hello stranger!

Feel free to talk to me about anything, but below are some talking points you can use to harass me in specific areas:

  • I’m a programmer. I tend to focus on things that would exist on the internet.
  • I like user interfaces. I like things that are clear, concise, and easy to use – not to be confused with simplistic.
  • I like text. This is occasionally a problem, especially given the previous statement.
  • I pay attention to messaging. How people interact with others, how companies interact with [prospective] customers, body language.
  • I find systems that facilitate all of the above in an unobtrusive manner absolutely fascinating.
  • Video games. Lots of weird little things tend to keep my interest.
  • Art is neat too. Best is it’s ability to start conversations.
  • Music. I was a percussionist all throughout highschool. I am currently getting back into playing my marimba, and I'll see about assembling my drumset at some point.
  • Books. I really don’t read enough of them. It’s almost always for recreation, and it’s almost always some kind of science fiction or fantasy novel.

Oh… you mean to say that you wanted to know all about my job stuff? Well, that certainly is way less interesting.

  • .Net back-end programming (mostly with the microsoft MVC framework any more)
  • I’m pretty good with crazy SQL queries & procedures
  • I like javascript. I like it a lot.
  • I enjoy doing software design.
  • I can even do Flash.

We cool?